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You can install and run any operating system on your computer if the hardware configuration of your computer satisfies the minimum requirements of the operating system. After the release of Windows 8, many people were in search of the system requirements necessary to make an upgrade to this operating system. In this post, we will take you through the essential components required in your computer for running Windows 8.

Processor Speed

Since the processor can be called as the heart of the computer, it is important that you do not compromise on the quality of the same. According to Windows 8 support, your computer’s processor speed should not be less than 1GHz, and it should support SSE2, NX and PAE, for running Windows 8 smoothly.


RAM or Random Access Memory plays a vital role in determining the speed of the operating system and the computer as a whole. In order to run the operating system smoothly, Microsoft recommends RAM of at least 2GB, for installing and running the 64-bit version of the program. Now, if you intend to run the 32-bit version, you may choose 1GB of RAM for the computer.

Graphics card

Most of the motherboards in the market come with an on-board graphics card. However, it is advisable that you add a Graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 9 and the one equipped with WDDM driver. This will not only help you run the operating system smoothly, but also help you play high-end graphics games in the operating system.

Hard Disk

TV Tuner Card

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There is at least 250GB of storage space in most of the modern day hard disks. Therefore, hard disk space may not be a constraint for installing Windows 8. However, you should free up at least 20GB of this space for installing the 64-bit version of the operating system.

Additional Requirements

Since we have mentioned the vital requirements for running the operating system, let us go through some of the additional requirements. If you intend to visit the Windows store, then your screen resolution should be at least 1024 x 768. Keep in mind that there is no in built software for DVD playback in the operating system. Therefore, you would have to download and install any software for playing DVDs. For recording TV programs, your computer should be equipped with a TV Tuner card.

These are some of the important requirements to run Windows 8 on your computer. For additional help on this operating system, you may contact Windows 8 support center or our technical support team.

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