Windows 8 Files transfer

Windows 8 transfer

BITS transfer utility

Microsoft’s new offspring to the Windows operating system family, Windows 8 operating system is designed to work excellently on tablets. However, the operating system works well with desktop PCs, including Business and home desktops, laptops and netbooks. Windows 8 operating systems release preview versions are out already, for instance the consumer preview and developer preview are available for download from many Microsoft sites. If you already have one of them installed on your system, you might probably know about the exciting new features in Windows 8. And among them, Windows 8 transfer is definitely one major thing that you will notice if you have ever tried to transfer files in your new Windows 8 machine. Users can now manage file transfer better and efficiently.

Windows 8 transfer utility

Windows 8 OS transfer utility scores better in its function of Background Intelligent Transfer Service or “BITS”.  You would be able to perform the transfer of files and data in the background using an idle network bandwidth with this feature. Several applications in Windows 8 depend on BITS to download programs and other data such as the Windows Update and MSN Explorer. If BITS is turned off on your computer, these applications will cease to perform any download operation automatically. However, these applications will cease to perform any download operations If BITS is turned off on your computer. Therefore, BITS is an essential element of Windows 8 Operating system transfer utility indeed.

Windows 8 transfer

BITS transfer utility

You will be able to transfer asynchronous data through HTTP 1.1 servers Using BITS. This means that, when you log back in after you log off or shut down your system during a download, you can continue downloading data without any issue of file corruption. For some other functions like Windows Live Messenger, Media Player or future.NET, you may also make use of this Windows 8 OS transfer feature. You can set Windows Update, BITS, Cryptographic Services and the Windows Event Log to run automatically if you wish to make use of the Automatic Update feature on your Windows 8 computer. You may refer to Windows help or contact the Windows help and support for any further assistance on BITS in Windows 8 operating system transfer utility.

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