Windows 8 Tech support to run disk cleanup for removing temporary files

Windows 8 support, disk cleanup

Disk cleanup for removing temporary files

Finally, Windows 8 operating system is out in the PC world, available to all those who were waiting eagerly for this new generation of Windows. When users are struggling to get used with this new operating system, tips and guidelines would be so much helpful for them. Lets us here discuss the disk cleanup utility of Windows 8 used for removing the temporary files.

The disk cleanup utility is a frequently run feature in Windows 8 operating system that helps in removing temporary Internet files, removing dump files generated when an error occurs, emptying the Recycle Bin removing backup files generated when Windows installs a Service Pack, and miscellaneous other temporary files. The Disk cleanup utility in Windows 8 works almost the same way as in the previous Windows versions. However, finding the Windows 8 Disk cleanup utility is a bit trickier. Here’s how you can run it in Windows 8:

Windows 8 support instructions

  • To go to the Start Screen, Press the Windows Key.
  • Open the Windows 8 charms bar.
  • In the box, Type cleanmgr .
  • Click Search
  • Click the cleanmgr icon.
  • After this, you will be asked to select a drive, and then you’ll see a list of options after Windows calculates how much space
    Windows 8 support, disk cleanup

    Disk cleanup for removing temporary files

    you’ll save. Select one or more of them and click OK.

You will see that only a few items are checked by default, but you can check even more as you like. However, please note that once the files are deleted, they’re gone forever. The good thing is that there won’t be any situation where you will fall in need of these temporary files again. The one exception is that, if you are on the phone with a Microsoft support personnel, they might ask you about the error log files. Leave that option unchecked if you are concerned about that. The cleanup process may start several minutes and once done, you will be provided with so much free space on your hard disk. You can use up this space for important things like, videos, new applications, photos and music. Using Disk Cleanup, You can gain back gigabytes of space.

That’s all the Windows 8 support you will need for now, bye! Take care!

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