Windows 8 support for disabling pop-up blockers

Pop-up blockers are applications that prevent pop-up, pop-over and pop-under ad windows from being displayed on the user’s screen when browsing through the Internet. Pop-up blockers are of different genre, some will block all pop-ups, some will cut off all advertisements from the publisher’s site, while some others will help the user choose the type of pop-ups to be blocked. Operating system can do nothing to prevent pop-ups from being displayed; only the browser has the ability to do so.

In Windows 8, the situation is not much different. If you are using any third party browsers you are vulnerable to pop-up ads. But if you are using Internet Explorer 10, you’re not that much at risk. Windows 8 support says that the Pop-up blocker of IE10 can cut out all unwanted pop-ups in the browser by default. If you don’t want a pop-up blocker set on your browser, Windows 8 support recommends a procedure for disabling the pop-up blocker in IE 10.

Instructions by Windows 8 support for disabling Pop-up blocker

  • Open the Desktop by clicking the Desktop tile on the Start Screen.
  • Next, click on the Internet Explorer 10 icon on the task bar to open IE 10.
  • If you see IE10 on the taskbar, then click on the Search, type Internet Explorer in the Search box and click on the IE icon.
  • Click on the Tools icon Alt + X on the tool bar.
  • Select the Internet Options.
  • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • Uncheck / un-tick Turn on Pop-up Blocker to disable popup blocker in Internet Explorer 10.

You can also try another method for the same. Visit a site which has pop-ups, then a message will be shown saying the pop up is blocked. Click on the message and select View to see the blocked popup. Uncheck the pop-up blocker. Besides, if the pop-up blocker is enabled, then you will see Settings next to the option where you check or uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker in the Privacy tab. Here, you can allow pop-ups from specific sites by entering their website address (URL). This will disable popup blocker for those specific sites.

Note that pop-up blockers are enabled for the safety and security of your system. If you trust the contents of a site, you can always remove the block for that particular site alone.

One thought on “Windows 8 support for disabling pop-up blockers

  1. Karan

    I have turned off the Pop-up Blocker by following the instructions given above.

    But, the pop-blocker still blocks all pop up screens not only in IE 10 browser but also in all other browsers (Forefox, Chrome, etc.)

    Please provide a resolution to this problem.


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