Windows 8 Support and Help on the new Windows 8 Start Menu

The new Windows 8 operating system is expected to launch with advanced features and interfaces providing the users with full control over it. Although overwhelmed in controversies, it is evident that this OS will replace the old school computer experiences with ultra modern technology. Needless to say, Windows 8 Developer Preview speaks for itself!

Admitting to certain criticisms, the overall improvement cannot be ignored without evaluating the reviews. Unlike the previous versions, Microsoft Support and team have really set a new presentable and exciting “Start’ menu. A whole new design implemented in changing its behavioral patterns.

So lets us now see what Windows 8 Support and team have to say about this modification.

Windows 8 Support on the new “Startup” Feature

The New menu will be fast, fluid, friendly, fantabulous and what not. Microsoft designed Windows 8 Start menu to function accordingly based totally on user experience. It also combines various activities such as launching, notifying, viewing, switching and tracking as such on a common platform for enhanced and ease of use.

If you want comments on the new looks of the Start menu, I got two words for you pal, “Simply Awesome”! The New Metro-Style look is really eye catching and serves a variety of purposes. If the old one was drab and utilitarian, the new one is colorful and streamlined.

The new start menu in Windows 8 operating system offers the same settings, devices, sharing and search options as seen with previous versions of Windows operating system with colorful texts and icons to exemplify different options.

And wait, it gets better! The Windows 8 start screen user interface is designed exclusively to encourage all the latest technologies including the tablet and touch interfaces.

Although it looks like a perfect replacement for the Windows 7 Start menu, Microsoft doesn’t want that sort of publicity to accumulate. Instead, it should be viewed as a navigating platform that supports several functions.

In accordance with all the improvements and enhancements Microsoft has added on Windows 8 so far, Windows 8 Microsoft Support and team suggests that, “It should not be viewed as just a replacement for Windows 7 start menu. We took the liberty to renovate the Start menu as it was considered to be a poor normal launcher for utilities in Windows 7”.


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  2. Robert Johnston

    This is a severe complaint about Windows 8 and I need someone from Microsoft who knows what they are talking about to contact me ASAP!


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