Tutorial for changing the default cyan color appearance of Windows 8

Windows 8 support, color

changing the default color of Windows 8

If you are not happy with the default cyan color scheme that Windows 8 is having, you can always change the taskbar to Aero colors.

It is very easy to change the color and appearance of Windows 8. This new operating system from Microsoft allows you to select your desired color. Other than this, you will also be able to change the intensity of the color. Like Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8 also has in its offering a number of appealing, pre-selected colors to choose from.

You will have three different sliders, one to for brightness, one for saturation, and one for hue. Using them, it is possible to create any color within the scope of desktop’s color depth.

Windows 8 support instructions

What you can find below are the instructions recommended by the Windows 8 support team, which will guide you through the process of changing the default Windows 8 cyan color appearance.

  1. Start off with this procedure by clicking the desktop tile on the start screen of Windows 8.  This will bring up the desktop interface.
  2. Continue with this procedure by right clicking on your desktop.
  3. Select the option which says “Personalize” from the given menu.
  4. Click on the option which says “Windows Color” which you can see at the bottom.
  5. Now you need to choose your desired color by selecting the color grid from the given list.
  6. Change the slider to adjust the color intensity of the particular color that you have selected.

    Windows 8 support, color

    changing the default color of Windows 8

  7. Mark the check box labeled “Transparency” if you want to the enable transparency, or if you don’t want to enable, just leave it unmarked.
  8. After that click on the arrow sign which you can see below the “Show Color Mixer” option for enabling options. From here you will be able to manually adjust the brightness, saturation and hue levels. To do this, simply change the corresponding sliders, and click on the option which says “Save Changes”. That’s it you are done, and if ever you feel like changing the color appearance again, follow these instructions.

That’s all with the instructions for changing the default cyan color appearance of your Windows 8 operating system. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day!

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