Troubleshooting mouse in Windows 8

Windows 8 problems

Mouse in Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system is meant to work on touch gestures. Though it has the option for having the traditional mouse and keyboard option, 99% of the features can be controlled by gestures. If you have assigned mouse to control the operating system, there are can be some Windows 8 problems associated. The mouse may not work right in Windows. The double clicks may not function as it used to be in the previous operating systems.

If you are facing Windows 8 problems with your mouse, follow the below steps.

Mouse not working right?

Sometimes, the mouse may not work at all; or sometimes the mouse pointer hops across the screen. Follow the steps to fix it.

ñ After you start Windows 8, if there is no mouse arrow is on the screen, make sure that the mouse’s tail is plugged snugly into the computer’s USB port.

ñ To restart the PC when the mouse doesn’t work, press these keys from the Start screen or the desktop: stroke the Windows key and I key simultaneously to fetch the Charms bar’s Settings menu.

ñ Then press the arrow keys to highlight the Power button near the bottom of the Settings pane.

ñ Press Enter to fetch the Power menu, then tap the Up Arrow key to highlight Restart.

ñ Press the Enter key to restart the computer.

ñ If you own a cordless mouse, the little guy probably needs new batteries.

ñ When the mouse innards become dirty, the mouse may not work properly and the pointer can jump around onscreen erratically. Clean the under parts of the mouse with a moist rag, and remove any debris.

ñ When the mouse is working fine but the buttons have reversed functions, the right- or left-handed button configuration setting in the Control Panel may have accidently changed.

ñ  Open the Mouse settings in the desktop Control Panel area and look at the setting for Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons.

ñ  Lefties want it turned on; righties don’t.

Double-clicks are single clicks

Windows 8 problems

Mouse in Windows 8

Though Microsoft has made it easier by changing the double clicks to singles ones, you can change it back to the old setting.

  • Open any folder from the desktop.
  • Click the View tab on the folder’s Ribbon menu and then click the Options button.
  • The Folder Options window appears.
  • In the Click Items As Follows section, choose the Click Preference: single click or double-click.
  • Click OK to save the preferences.

These steps will help in resolving the issues.

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