Windows 8 DVD Playback Issues

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       Windows 8 does not play DVDs

Do you like watching DVDs on your PC? Is your PC powered by Windows 8? Well unfortunately, your Windows 8 machine does not have the provision to play DVDs directly from the box. But do not worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and shell loads of cash to get DVD video playback. There are tonnes of other programs that can be used to watch your favorite DVDs without any hassle.

Windows Media Center

With the latest Windows OS, Windows 8, they omitted the Windows Media Center. If you are a huge fan of the Windows Media Center and prefer watching your DVDs using Windows Media Player, you can get your hands on the Windows Media Center. However, you need to be having the Windows 8 Pro OS for this, and will have to pay another $9.99 for the add-on. This can also be used for free but only for a limited time.

VLC Media Player

VLC, which has been used by millions worldwide, has stayed on as a leading media player for well over a decade now. It ranks much better than most payed or free media players, mainly due to its support of a wide variety of audio/video formats. Using the VLC player is also very easy, and you can watch your DVDs effortlessly on VLC player.

Windows Media Center

Popular media players to use in Windows 8

Since your latest Windows OS cannot play DVDs, you can use the GOM player for viewing DVDs. It is just as good and popular as the VLC player, and supports a large number of formats, both audio and video. To watch your DVDs, you must first follow the FAQ on installing the MPEG-2 codec. Reports suggest that a new version of GOM player, specifically designed to operate flawlessly in the Windows 8 operating system, is the making. Until then, the current version works just as well on Windows 8.

This can be considered as a lightweight player to be used on Windows. Designed basically on older versions of the Media Player Classic, this media is not very flashy, but small and useful. Users are provided with a lot of options for customization.

There are some other media players that you can use; however, it is not certain if you can achieve DVD playback using these media players on the Windows 8 machines. The new Windows 8.1 is going to hit the markets soon, and though nothing has been said hopefully Microsoft has incorporated easy DVD playback on the upgraded version.

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