Windows 8 Consumer Preview Compatibility With Netbooks

Windows 8 Support, Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Support for Windows 8 in Netbooks

Normally OS makers such as Microsoft adopt the philosophy of “Ring out the old, Ring in the New” when they release new operating platforms. I.e. they develop the OS for the latest hardware entrants in the market. But this time Microsoft took an exception with its Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS as it is designed to run perfectly with not only the latest PC’s and laptops but also Netbooks and old computers.

All that Microsoft demands for Windows 8 Support in a PC is a minimum processing speed of 1GHz, 1GB  of RAM and a 16GB storage memory which by the way is found in most Netbooks and computers released over the past 5 years. Hence it is easier for owners of such hardware products to try out the exciting features of this consumer preview. Here are the salient features of Windows 8 that allows easy adaptation to Netbooks.

Minimal Hardware configuration:

As mentioned earlier, Windows 8 requires only minimal hardware configuration such as 1GB RAM, 1 GHz processor and so on. This minimal hardware requirement of the OS allows it run on almost any computer.

Easy Driver availability:

If at all your Netbook has some driver software compatibility issues, you can easily download the respective Windows 8 compatible driver available from the hardware manufacturer’s website.

Lower Upgrading costs:

It is easier for users of licensed copies of Windows 7 or Vista or XP to upgrade to Windows 8 without paying a hefty fee. As compared to buying off the shelf, upgrading your existing OS is a big saver in terms of costs.

Smoother performance:

The advantage of lower hardware support entitles Netbooks to work at their optimum level by running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 Support, Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Windows 8 support for Netbooks

Better usability:

Compared to the earlier versions of Windows, this OS has greater usability parameters such as clearer icons, faster navigation panels, etc.

The only problem users are likely to face is with the display resolution. This preview version works well with devices having a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. It works best if you have a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels or higher and below that you will face trouble in viewing the Metro apps as well as the App Store.

Windows 8 Consumer preview is indeed a great option for Netbook lovers as it works perfectly and besides you have Windows 8 support available always just in case you face any problems while using it. So why don’t you try it for yourself and experience this splendid OS.

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