The Compatibility Of Windows 8 With Windows XP

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Windows 8 was launched with much fanfare and the same is now used by millions of people. Even though Windows 8 had been launched, we ought to agree that Windows XP remains on the desktops of millions of people. There are many who have already worked on both the platforms and have already reached the conclusion about which one is the better among the two.

You would be familiar with both Windows XP and Windows 8. However, Windows XP which had been the all time favorite of users would definitely be the standard and hence even though they are working on a new platform, there is no wonder if a person wishes to use Windows XP mode on a Windows 8 system. However, the question that is normally asked by such users is whether such a free XP mode really exists for Windows 8. You will not be able to find the same in the form that you desire nor is it available. However, you would definitely see something next to what you are looking but in a different form.

Many have contacted the Windows 8 support team to collect information about the compatibility issues and the availability of Windows XP mode for Windows 8.  The answer most commonly heard is to use Virtual machines. These virtual machines could run anything on their OS platform and normally they would run Windows XP. You could even use Windows 7 or Windows 8 on these virtual machines and never bother about their compatibility.

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The virtual machine normally runs on a specific platform and if you have Windows 7 on your system, you could run Windows 8 as your platform. Thus, virtual machines give you the opportunity to run Windows XP in a platform that has Windows 8.

This could give the user a chance to explore the new features in Windows 8 and it would also help them to make use of the new features that Microsoft offers to its users. The Windows XP users will be happy because they could try the new operating system and still continue using Windows XP.  But Windows XP support will come to an end soon and you would soon have to get used to Windows 8. Clear your queries by contact the Windows 8 support team for assistance.

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