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Windows 8 help

Browser updates in Windows 8

Computer enthusiasts believed strongly that Microsoft won’t introduce the browser choice screen in the new windows 8 operating system. On the other hand, it is expected that the EU won’t force the Microsoft to integrate such a feature simply because there is no sense to it. It was originally called as browser ballot due to a variety of reasons. There are many people out there on the planet that uses different browsers as default ones. At the same time, most people do not prefer to view the browser choice screen anyway. So it’s only a matter of time and the introduction may be a huge flop.

Windows 8 help and support experts on the new browser choices

If you have installed the Windows 8 RTM on your system, Microsoft delivers an important windows update.  This is also useful for those users whose country regulations are strict concerning the same. The bad news is, the update is held back for the actual release of the program. On top of that, this is not an automatic installation. Once the final version of the operating system is completed, you can get the updates from the Microsoft website.  Now for the good news! You can perform the updating process manually.  After updating, you need to restart your computer.  You can now view the browser screen choices on the desktop.

The browser setting offered is virtually unlimited for a normal user. For additional information, you can make use of the ‘tell me more’ button. Some choices are hard to make when it comes to the Windows 8 operating system. The Windows 8 help and support team has planted a ‘select later’ button for such scenario. This way, you can make a decision at a later time. You can close a new window using

Windows 8 help

Browser updates in Windows 8

the click-dragging method. You just need to drag the window from the top to the bottom. The stat page is linked to the apps and hence you can open them any time you wish. When you install a different browser, already installed ones won’t be removed from the system. If you try to update the same, it will unpin the Internet Explore from the task bar.

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