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Windows 8 is the latest operating system designed by the Microsoft Corporation. The latest operating system is equipped with many cool features, which are much more efficient than the older version. When it comes to the performance aspects Windows 8 operating system is the best option. But at times the system may end up with troubles or errors. This article will help you to fix these troubles without the help of a professional.

Failure of the Automatic Repair option

This is one of the most frequent problems experienced by the users all over the world. The Automatic Repair option is related to the loading of the programs. The user may find it difficult to access the Safe Mode if the repair options fail. The errors can occur due to the deletion or corruption of files. It can also affect smooth loading of your operating system. Make use of a bootable storage device like USB to fix the problem. You  can also seek the help of a recovery disk to troubleshoot the same issue. You may also repair the Automatic Repair problem by modifying the BIOS settings of your system. This can be accomplished by modifying the Controller Modeoption

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of the system BIOS. Modify the AHCI Mode to Standard Mode.

More on booting the operating system

Some users find it difficult to boot the operating system. The problem  is quite evident in the system that make use of more than one hard drives. Turn off your system and remove all the drive cables connected to your hard disks, except the one that loads your operating system. Now reconnect the plug back to the same position and check the time taken for booting. Perform the same thing when the operating system takes too much time to load a program or a file. These problems occur when the operating system fails to recognize the path of the file. If the problems still persists, contact the Windows 8 Support team.

Driver related problems

Problems with the loading of the programs can also occur due to outdated drivers. Make use of the Driver Update Utility tool of Intel to upgrade your drivers. If you are using an AMD processor, make use of the driver upgrade software of AMD. The software can be found on the official website of AMD.

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