How To Disable Touchpad In Windows 8

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Disabling touchpad in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. People envy the new operating system along with the Surface tablet. You will definitely enjoy using the touchpad in Windows 8. Instead of using the mouse, you can use your fingers to navigate. This is something which everyone would like to use.

But sometimes, one would get annoyed when the cursor starts jumping when you type. By mistake if your hand touches the touchpad, the cursor may point out towards the wrong position. This will in turn make mistakes when you type in. You can imagine how frustrating it would be when it interrupts your work. To avoid this, you can disable the touchpad on Windows 8. It is really easy to disable the touchpad and there are several methods to do this task.

Steps to disable touchpad in Windows 8

  • Use Touchpad button to disable touchpad

If you have used laptops or notebooks, you will know that there are small buttons that are used to disable touchpad when you click on it. This can be treated as the easiest method to disable touchpad.  If you do not find such buttons on your laptop, you can choose other methods to accomplish the task.

  • You can disable the touchpad while typing

    Windows 8

    Steps to disable touchpad in Windows 8

You can download the TouchFreeze file to your computer. Try to install this program. You will find a .exe file which you can run. Once the installation of TouchFreeze is complete, you will find the icon in the system tray. This program is capable of running in Automatic Mode.

  • From Mouse property, the touchpad can be disabled

Open Control Panel and click on “More Settings” from the left side of the screen. If you have old Control Panel Window, look for Mouse Settings. You will get some results out of which you can select “Change Mouse Settings”. The properties windows of mouse will appear. You can select none for Left and Right button. Click Apply and click on OK which will save all changes in the settings.

This will disable the touchpad activities. If you need a mouse very badly, attach an external mouse to perform simple operations.

  • Use driver software from vendor to disable touchpad

There are certain laptop manufacturers who get touchpad from third party software vendors. You can use these software programs to disable the touchpad activities.

If you have any doubts, you can contact Windows 8 Support team. The Windows 8 Support team can provide you more advice.


One thought on “How To Disable Touchpad In Windows 8

  1. Gary Divecchia

    The easiest way to disable the mouse pad on windows 8 is to open control panel and click, Mouse. Then click mouse device settings and check “Disable internal pointing device when external usb device is attached.” Click apply and okay. Mouse pad will be disconnected.


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