Changing The Color Of Calendar Events In Windows 8

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Windows 8 Calendar app

Since we are all living in an environment consisting of family, friends, colleagues as well as other people, we should find out enough time to manage our events associated with them. It can be a hectic process to keep all these events in your memory and most times, you miss out one event or the other. Missing out an important event or appointment may ruin your official life as well your personal life. Therefore, it is very important to store all this piece of information under one place so that you can recollect it at the correct time. Windows 8 comes as a lifesaver for you as you can store and manage your calendar events with the help of the application named Calendar.

Windows 8 Calendar app

It sets the color of your different accounts automatically if you try to connect your Calendar app from the respective accounts. This helps you to differentiate the events from various accounts; however, some of these events can be very valuable for you. In that case, you should change the color of the corresponding events so that you can easily recognize it. You can manually set the colors or perform this task to reorganize your events efficiently as well.


Following tips will help you to change the color of your events without getting any assistance from Windows 8 support team.

  1. Open the Calendar from the new Windows 8 Start screen or from the All apps window. Use the Search option from the Charms bar to locate it easily.

    Calendar app

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  2. Press the Win key + I simultaneously to launch the setting panel of the application. Select Options from the available list.
  3. Locate the respective account that requires a color change from this list and enlarge the color window to figure out more colors by clicking on the tiny box.
  4. Select the preferred color that you wish to give for your calendar events. Ensure that you are selecting a different color when compared to your other account in order to avoid any confusion that may arise by choosing the same color.
  5. You can close the settings window now and it will automatically save the altered settings.

You do not have to contact Windows 8 support to perform this simple task as you can utilize the above instructions to change the color settings yourself. Take up the challenge of performing this task and redefine your calendar events with a new look.

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