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Install Windows 8 Graphic Card Drivers

Is your system powered by the Windows 8 OS? No? Well, then you can easily download the Windows 8 OS and interact with the latest Windows interface. Although, installation should be completed without any trouble, especially if your PC has a basic Intel chipset driver or other basic Windows 8 drivers. However, you may need […]

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Making space in Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system comes with lot of specialties and improved features. Everything about Windows 8 is rising the expectations of the users and critics. There have been a lot talked about the operating system software- about its merits and demerits. Though there are many articles on the fact that Windows 8 might be a […]

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Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook Tablet by Panasonic

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (also known as CEATEC) has witnessed some of the finest inventions of the year. With the release date of Windows 8 approaching, more and more manufacturers are coming up with new devices that can run he new operating system. All of them expect the new operating system to adapt well […]

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ARM devices not meant for business

Microsoft advisory team makes it clear that if any organization is looking forward to use Windows 8 ARM based Web Oriented Architecture (WOA), they better have other options of the operating system. It will be hard to handle business using the WOA Windows 8 ARM devices. Though the WOA can offer high battery efficiency, the […]

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Find Out How you can Use DLNA on Windows 8

The use of DLNA is mostly restricted to stream content all across various devices. This may be used within the newest OS. It works rather well with Windows 8 drivers. However, you will need to change the network sharing settings DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). This happens to be a non-profit group having over 250 […]

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Windows 8 Release Implies a New Skype App

Windows 8 happens to be the latest offering from Microsoft. It is intended for use on personal computers. It is included within the Windows NT family of operating systems. It is wholly dependent on the Metro design language. It is endowed with a brand new Start screen, Internet Explorer 10, native support for USB 3.0, […]

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Windows 8: Power saving techniques

Microsoft is set to launch its Windows 8 operating system later this year and most of the software and hardware manufacturers are busy developing Windows 8 drivers for their products. There is a need to know some of the features that a user can expect in Windows 8 operating system. It has been widely publicized […]

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Nvidia Releases New GeForce Driver with Windows 8 Driver Support

The graphic card manufacturing giant has released its latest driver for a further enhanced gaming experience. Gaming has become a lifestyle for some, a passion for a few and a casual time killing experience for the rest. It is an industry that has witnessed burgeoning growth over the last few years. But then, the gaming […]

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Windows 8 tablets on X86 is better than on ARM

Windows 8- Microsoft’s brand new OS has let out excitement waves throughout the world. A lot has been heard of the cool features and outlooks of Windows 8. Now let’s see some technical aspects of this new operating system. Windows 8 tablets It is said that those tablets that run Windows 8 drivers on x86 […]

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All you need to know About the New WHQL-certified GeForce 302.82 Drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview

NVIDIA has now chosen to launch the 302.82 WHQL display drivers for Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview. The driver is said to provide support to the new Windows 8 display driver model WDDM 1.2 for NVIDIA Geforce as well as ION GPUs. You are well advised to download the driver by getting on NVIDIA’s official […]

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