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Install Windows 8 Graphic Card Drivers

Windows 8 drivers

     Updating graphic card drivers in Windows 8

Is your system powered by the Windows 8 OS? No? Well, then you can easily download the Windows 8 OS and interact with the latest Windows interface. Although, installation should be completed without any trouble, especially if your PC has a basic Intel chipset driver or other basic Windows 8 drivers. However, you may need to install Windows 8 drivers for the display, in case there is a graphics card in your system. Without a graphics card driver, you will be unable to enjoy high quality videos, and would miss the interface experience on touch devices.

Installing a graphics card driver on your system is a hassle free process if you use the following instructions.

Instructions to install graphic card drivers on a Windows 8 system:

  • You must first gather knowledge about the graphics card that is present on your system. If you are using a branded PC, this is very easy to determine. Check the model number of your system and search for associated graphics card details on the internet. If you have an assembled personal computer you can find this by running GPU-Z or through the Device Manager. GPU-Z is a utility designed to check status and details regarding your computer’s graphics card.
  • Click on the Start screen, select Desktop and open the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Visit the official website of the graphics card’s manufacturer and access the Drivers section.
  • Select the Graphics card model that you found earlier and select the version that is compatible to your Windows 8. You must choose between the 64-bit or 32-bit version. Select the correct driver.
  • Download the drivers matching your computer’s specifications. Ensure that you do not download a 32-bit driver for a 64-bit system.
  • Once the download is finished, click on the downloaded file and proceed with the installation of the graphics card driver on your Windows 8 system. Follow the prompts and this process will finish quickly.

    Windows 8 OS

             How to install graphic card driver

You will notice a drastic improvement in your display graphic quality. This downloaded file will also include options for displaying resolution options and graphic card Control Panel options, and these should be checked out as well. Remember to upgrade to all Windows 8 drivers for boosting performance and avoiding any compatibility issues.

If you face any issues with the installation of drivers, immediately contact Windows tech support for further assistance. Experts at the tech support will guide you in a systematic manner to tackle all your issues.

Enjoy high-resolution videos and play high-end graphic games on your Windows 8 system.

Making space in Windows 8

Windows 8 drivers, free space

Free space in Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system comes with lot of specialties and improved features. Everything about Windows 8 is rising the expectations of the users and critics. There have been a lot talked about the operating system software- about its merits and demerits. Though there are many articles on the fact that Windows 8 might be a failure, lot of developers and manufacturers have pinned their hope to this operating system. Device manufacturers are coming up with new devices that are claimed to be compatible and suited for the different versions of the software.

Windows 8 is expected to take a lot of space on the hard drive. It is however, slimmer than the earlier versions of Windows. If you have installed Windows 8 in your system and doubt that the programs have started running out of room on the hard drive, there are solutions to get it corrected.

Free up space in Windows 8 drives

These steps given below will free up more space for the operating system and the Windows 8 drivers.

  •  Right-click the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel.
  • From the desktop, slide the finger in from the screen’s right edge and tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap the Control Panel link in the screen’s top-right corner.
  • Click the System and Security category.
  • In the Administrative Tools category
  • Click the Free Up Disk Space link.
  • If the PC has more than one disk drive, Windows 8 asks which drive to clean up.

    Windows 8 drivers, free space

    Free space in Windows 8

  • The Disk Cleanup Drive Selection window appears.
  • Leave the choice set to (C:) and click OK.
  • The Disk Cleanup program calculates how much disk space you can save and presents the Disk Cleanup dialog box.
  • Select the check boxes for all the items and then click OK.
  • As you select a check box, the Description section explains what’s being deleted.
  • When you click the OK button, Windows asks if you’re sure you want to delete the files.
  • If you spot a Clean Up System Files button, click it, too.
  •  It deletes detritus created by the PC, not you.
  • Click the Delete Files button to erase the unneeded files.
  • Windows 8 proceeds to empty the Recycle Bin, destroy leftovers from old websites, and remove other hard drive clutter.

These steps will give more space to the operating system and efficiency to the Windows 8 drivers.


Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook Tablet by Panasonic

Windows 8 drivers, Panasonic

Tablet from Panasonic

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (also known as CEATEC) has witnessed some of the finest inventions of the year. With the release date of Windows 8 approaching, more and more manufacturers are coming up with new devices that can run he new operating system. All of them expect the new operating system to adapt well with their technology and give the users the maximum satisfaction and user experience. This year it was the turn of Panasonic to show off. Recently, Panasonic came up with a foldable hybrid Ultrabook Tablet, which will be released along with the operating system for which the device is meant. This is the company’s prime venture into Tablet industry. The Tablet/Ultrabook hybrid will have the Windows 8 drivers for the smooth functioning of the device unified with the operating system. in Japan the device will be available from October 26th.

Specification of the Ultrabook

The specifications of the device are standard ones for a hybrid Ultrabook/Tablet. The touchscreen is 11.6inch display with the 1366×768 resolution; common to all the hybrid devices. The company has not done anything to make the device thinner and has the signature design of Panasonic. The Tablet comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports on the right along with an HDMI out. There are option for SD card reader, Ethernet port, power in, microphone and audio out ports towards the left of the device. This tablet

Windows 8 drivers, Panasonic

Tablet from Panasonic

hybrid from Panasonic belongs to the AX series of tablets come in various different configuration options. Post the launch, the device will be available in store in Japan.

The Tablet/Ultrabook is made with a Core i5 1.7 or 1.8GHz processor or a Core i7 1.9GHz processor and it will have 4GB of memory and 128GB of SSD storage. The device comes with a removable battery. Although most of the other manufacturers have stopped, using removable battery to make their devices slimmer, Panasonic still follows the old technology. The higher models of the devices will have an extra cell for extended battery life. Users who are buying the higher Core i5 or Core i7 model, a projector attachment is. With the help of the Windows 8 drivers, it is expected that the device will perform well with the operating system.

ARM devices not meant for business

Windows 8 drivers, ARM devices

User State Migration Tool

Microsoft advisory team makes it clear that if any organization is looking forward to use Windows 8 ARM based Web Oriented Architecture (WOA), they better have other options of the operating system. It will be hard to handle business using the WOA Windows 8 ARM devices. Though the WOA can offer high battery efficiency, the management and compatibility ability of the devices compared to the legacy applications are less; not so dependable. Among the characteristics outlined Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Windows 8, this one feature is also described- business people or organization should not deploy Windows 8 Arm devices for their work. However, non ARM based tablets both 32 and 64-bits can be relied as they integrate the Windows management features in them.

This is among the Windows 8 characteristics outlined in the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business posted to the Microsoft Web site as the official preview of the operating system is scheduled to launch today.

Windows 8 drivers and the business usages

Till now Windows XP is considered to be the most effective business operating system. The user have the provision for upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8 using the User State Migration Tool. As the support for XP is ending by 2014, it would be would be an awesome idea to migrate to Windows 8 using the USMT. Only one thing should be take care that there are all necessary Windows 8 drivers available and installed for the proper functioning of the operating system.  The Windows To Go feature of Windows 8 makes it even more easier.

Windows To Go will be a much hyped feature in business; a USB driver used to boot the operating

Windows 8 drivers, ARM devices

User State Migration Tool

system. A secure desktop environment is offered, which makes it easier and secure to carry the work with you. You don’t have to worry about the security features of the machine on which you are working. Moreover, it is always easier to carry a USB drive than a laptop or tablet. USB offers more flexibility of connection and work. This along with the SkyDrive storage mechanism makes business even easier. The users don’t have to worry about storing or retrieving their files and folder. Once shared in SkyDrive it is always accessible.

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, is integrated with Windows 8, and the company says it is the best storage option available.

Find Out How you can Use DLNA on Windows 8

windows 8 drivers, DLNA

about windows 8 drivers

The use of DLNA is mostly restricted to stream content all across various devices. This may be used within the newest OS. It works rather well with Windows 8 drivers. However, you will need to change the network sharing settings DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). This happens to be a non-profit group having over 250 alliance members constituted in 2003 by Sony. This is meant to let interoperability in order to share digital media in between various consumer devices such as TV, computers, printers, and phones as well as other multimedia devices. Instructions to make use of DLNA on Windows 8 are given below.


  1. Start off with these instructions by opening the Charms bar. This can be done by moving your mouse pointer over the right corner of your screen. You may also choose to press Windows key + C on Start screen in order to open the Charms bar. Select “Search.
  2. Following which, you have to type “Control Panel” in the Search box which is provided on the Search button. Click on the Control Panel icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. It is then required that you click Hardware and Sound.
  4. If you happen to be using the Home Group feature for the very first time, you will be required to choose what you want to share
    windows 8 drivers, DLNA

    about windows 8 drivers

    in case another computer has chosen to create a homegroup which you wish to join. You have to change Advanced Sharing settings. Click on the Change advanced sharing settings link.

  5. Click on the “All Network” tab followed by choosing “Media streaming options.”
  6. If you find that media streaming is not turned on, you will be prompted to turn it on. To turn it on, click on the Turn on Media streaming option. You will see that the Media Streaming Options opens. Give a name for your Media library. Choose Show devices on: All networks and choose your desired settings.

If the device happens to be DLNA certified, numerous digital devices having different technologies or different architectural designs will connect with each other. DLNA certified devices make use of Plug and Play or UPhP for Media Management.

This discussion on Windows 8 drivers ends here. Have a nice day!

Windows 8 Release Implies a New Skype App

windows 8 drivers

windows 8 release

Windows 8 happens to be the latest offering from Microsoft. It is intended for use on personal computers. It is included within the Windows NT family of operating systems. It is wholly dependent on the Metro design language. It is endowed with a brand new Start screen, Internet Explorer 10, native support for USB 3.0, a brand new Windows Defender which is able to combat malware with Windows 8 drivers. You may purchase it in four editions.

Microsoft Windows 8 has just been launched. It is said to be another purported leak of what is most likely to be featured in the brand new operating system which has recently surfaced online.


There is, however, a clear indication of the fact that the final version of Skype has the ability to make its way to device drivers which run Windows 8. This particular app was labeled “App preview” in screenshots that were posted by user Neowin. This implies that Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of a public preview soon. It is expected to be an internal beta testing phase.

Features of previous versions will be included with Skype that is introduced with Windows 8. This includes voice as well as video calling. They are provided with pinned favorites. You may pay as soon as you opt for monthly pay options for Skype calling.

Microsoft has just launched its latest operating system, Windows 8. It was released along with its Surface tablet as well as the new Windows Phone 8 devices. It was also reported quite recently that tablets which run the Windows RT operating system is expected to

windows 8 drivers

windows 8 release

cost around $200 to $300 cheaper in comparison with those that use Windows 8.

The Intel based Windows 8 tablets may sell $600 to $ 700. The Windows 8 RT units are likely to see for $200 to $300. They may be priced at about $400. It costs the same as Apple 16 GB Wi-Fi IPad 2.

That brings us to the end of this discussion on Windows 8 drivers. Feel free to contact the Windows 8 support center if you need more help. Also visit the corresponding website if the information in this article does not suffice.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading.

Windows 8: Power saving techniques

Windows 8 drivers, smartphone

Energy efficient OS

Microsoft is set to launch its Windows 8 operating system later this year and most of the software and hardware manufacturers are busy developing Windows 8 drivers for their products. There is a need to know some of the features that a user can expect in Windows 8 operating system. It has been widely publicized that Windows 8 is aimed at tablet and smartphone users but the early reports coming out of Microsoft suggests that they have given enough importance to the desktop users too.

Standby mode in Windows 8

A feature which is common in tablets is the standby mode, a low power consumption mode, which is implemented in Windows 8 and it is not only applicable to Metro apps but also for desktop programs too. Greater care has been given for saving battery life in Windows 8, which is understandable given its unmistakable affiliation with tablets and smartphones. Windows 8 strictly follows a rule that if an app is not on screen or if the screen is not on, then it should affect the battery life of the device. This feature of Windows means that if there is Metro app in the background, then it will be suspended unless it is running a background activity such as checking for email or playing music.

Mobile devices when in standby, continues to be updated with emails and will never really get cut off from the outside world. Such devices are based on the system on chip architecture or SoC architectures and the Windows 8 computers are designed on this architecture. It means that, instead of turning off the system completely, they go into a state of low power usage and continue to run. With the help of this feature, for example, user’s emails will be updated in the background without affecting the battery life of the device drastically.

Windows 8 drivers, smartphone

Energy efficient OS

Implementing the traditional desktop apps to work in standby mode presented a huge challenge for Microsoft since these apps were designed over the years to work in a different mode. Therefore, the success of the Windows 8 team to develop these apps to work in standby mode is by no means an ordinary feat.

Another challenge for the various software and hardware manufacturers must be perfecting Windows 8 drivers for their products and extracting the maximum performance out of them.

Nvidia Releases New GeForce Driver with Windows 8 Driver Support

Windows 8 Drivers

All the details revealed

The graphic card manufacturing giant has released its latest driver for a further enhanced gaming experience. Gaming has become a lifestyle for some, a passion for a few and a casual time killing experience for the rest. It is an industry that has witnessed burgeoning growth over the last few years. But then, the gaming industry seems to be churning out game after game, and with every game, the graphic requirements bar is pushed higher. As a result, it is only prudent that Nvidia releases updates regularly to help support those very games better.

Details regarding the new GeForce driver

Nvidia’s released new WHQL certified GeForce drivers for the new Windows 8 Consumer preview. The new driver package replaces the weeks-old 295.73 driver package; both it and the Windows 8 driver support all GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 series cards and IGPs. Also the desktop versions include support for the DirectX9, 6 and 7 series chips, and the laptop versions include support for mobile Quadro products.

Since this release is only a week old from the last one, the amount of new stuff on it is limited comparatively. Some of the new support include boosted SLI performance in Blacklight: Retribution, Dirt 3, Dishonored, Dungeon Defenders, F1 2011, and rFactor 2, and 3D vision support for Dear Esther and Deep Black: Reloaded. The Windows 8 driver adds WDDM 1.2 support for that OS. The new

Windows 8 Drivers

All the details revealed

Windows 8 drivers supports all the features of the new Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.2 while also supporting Nvidia 3D Vision and 3DTV Play products. The unique Windows 8 support added to it means that it will support over 600 games, watch Blue-Ray movies and view photos in 3D. The company says that together with Windows 8’s new in-built Stereoscopic 3D support in DirectX 11, the driver will provide users with the best platform for games and applications.

The company also stated that it contains all the latest enhancements which include the likes of Ambient Occlusion support and support for SLI setups. The former helps in deepening the shadows for greater visual depth without taking a toll on the frame rate.

This might just be the beginning of a new series of graphics oriented Windows 8 drivers from Nvidia. This is really important, as Nvidia produces almost half of the video cars that people see today. The only other substantial competitor is the Radeon line by ATI, which has partnered with AMD to produce microprocessors and video chips in the same hardware. Finding windows 8 driver support for this type of problem, however, is not easy, and there will certainly be issues when people try to migrate to the new set of drivers.

Windows 8 tablets on X86 is better than on ARM

Windows 8 drivers

Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8- Microsoft’s brand new OS has let out excitement waves throughout the world. A lot has been heard of the cool features and outlooks of Windows 8. Now let’s see some technical aspects of this new operating system.

Windows 8 tablets

It is said that those tablets that run Windows 8 drivers on x86 will have a slight edge over those tablets running the same Windows 8 OS on ARM processors. Intel is almost set to launch soon their tablet efforts with Window 8 operating system. The fact that there will be probably more x86 tablets immediately after the launch of Windows 8 than ARM tablets is one of the very good things. The familiarity factor with x86 for most PC manufacturers seems to be the major reason for this. Major companies like, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus are at much comfort working with the x86 and all these companies are very eager to get in on the tablet market.

Beyond all these, lies the fact that Intel is going to bring special chips which will be pushed for the ultra-portable markets and tablet. It has to do with the desktop side of Windows 8- the coming in of extra leverage which can be realized fully on a x86 machine. As ARM has no way of running legacy software that was built on and for x 86 architecture, this seems to be very true.

Most of the high end works and productivity that goes on with Windows are on software that will instantly become legacy after the launch of Windows 8. Users will need to use x86 machines to run them. However, Microsoft has done a very good job that is truly appreciable by making sure that all current applications running on Widows 7 OS will also run on new Windows 8 OS; and

Windows 8 drivers

Windows 8 tablets

the Windows 8 drivers are compatible with them.

Windows 8, in fact is built in a way that it enables any user to do an in-place upgrade. This is necessary for Microsoft to make the old Windows user jump to new Windows 8 seamlessly. While going on with the Windows 8 upgrade, the installer advices you on application compatibilities automatically. Also, there are the automatic roll-back and the system restore features if something goes wrong unexpectedly. So, it is time for Intel and ARM to fight it out in the field.

All you need to know About the New WHQL-certified GeForce 302.82 Drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview

windows 8 drivers, release

windows 8 release preview

NVIDIA has now chosen to launch the 302.82 WHQL display drivers for Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview. The driver is said to provide support to the new Windows 8 display driver model WDDM 1.2 for NVIDIA Geforce as well as ION GPUs. You are well advised to download the driver by getting on NVIDIA’s official website.

New Features of Release 302

This part of the post aims to summarize the following diver changes in release 302:

  • 3D Vision.
  • Windows 8 has updated the NVIDIA Control Panel-> Set up stereoscopic 3D page to support Windows 8 implementation of stereoscopic 3D.

Windows 8 32-bit Issues

Single GPU Issues

  • While you are in the process of installing the driver on pre-release versions of Windows 8, the installer usually requests a reboot in order to complete the installation.
  • This is not an NVIDIA driver issue. It happens to be an interim workaround under present, pre-released versions of Windows 8 in order to verify successful installation of the driver, without the end user logging out in certain instances.
  • There happens to be a flickering/shimmering within several DirectX applications while you launch it using FXAA turned on from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Windows 8 64-bit Issues

Single GPU Issues

  • While you choose to install the driver on pre-released versions of Windows 8, you will see that the installer requests a reboot in order to complete the installation.
  • This has nothing to do with NVIDIA driver issues. Instead, it happens to be an interim workaround beneath current, prereleased versions of Windows 8 so as to verify successful installation of the driver without the end user getting plugged out in various scenarios.
  • GeForce GT 520. There happens to be a flickering/ shimmering within several DirectX applications as soon as you launch with
    windows 8 drivers, release

    windows 8 release preview

    FXAA tunnels on or from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

NVIDIA strongly suggests that you close all open Desktop as well as Metro applications prior to proceeding to installing such Windows 8 drivers. Those who use notebooks are advised to continue the use of GeForce 302.80 Windows 8 drivers.

This discussion ends here. Feel free to contact the Windows 8 support center if you need further technical support.