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Windows 8 support to manage Windows 8 Weather App

The Windows family is so big and advanced that it comes out with amazing new applications for its users every now and then. Microsoft’s brand new OS, Windows 8, has also got awesome Apps and features for the users. Windows 8 Weather App is one among those cool applications. Windows 8 Weather App is a very useful application by which you can get weather details for your location and other locations right on your desktop.

With Windows 8 support at your service, you try this new App and get Weather details without watching the weather reports and news on TV or internet. If you’ve any problem with starting or using this new App on your PC, all you need do is check the Windows 8 support. In order to avoid issues with the new app, Windows 8 support team has already listed some topics that help to acquaint you with the new App. Some major topics listed in the Windows 8 support documents are given below.

Windows 8 support to open Weather App

The Weather App appears in the Windows 8 Metro start screen. It shows the Weather details for your location. You can also see detailed weather information by clicking on the Weather App.

Windows 8 support to show temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

The Windows 8 support team says you can select your unit to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. For this:

  • Open Weather App.
  • Start->Settings->Weather preferences. Now select your temperature unit with respect to Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature unit and then click back arrow button.

Windows 8 support to get hourly weather details

By default, the Weather App can display weather summary of today and the next 5 days. But you can set the app to display hourly details. For this;

  • Right click anywhere on the screen. This will open more options of weather app at the bottom.
  • Then click Clock icon.

Windows 8 support to add a city in Weather App

You can add or remove cities from Weather App to display weather details of the cities in your list. To do this:

  • Click the Add City icon from the more options pane.
  • Enter the City name. The app will search matching city.
  • Select the matching city to add in weather app.

Windows 8 support to remove a city from Weather App

Go to weather details of that city. Now, open the more options pane and click “Remove City” icon.

Windows 8 support to change city of start screen

The weather app will display weather summery of location which is pinned on start screen. To change the location / city of weather app start screen, simply pin the city / location which you want.

So, that’s how you use the new Weather App in Windows 8 with Windows 8 support, Simple!