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The New Xbox One

Microsoft chat

              Microsoft Xbox 360

The latest offering in the range of gaming consoles from the Microsoft stable is the Xbox One. It is the successor to the highly famous and successful Xbox 360. Microsoft hopes the new kid will bring the same success like its predecessor. Microsoft claims that the new console is far more advanced and highly revolutionized compared to the predecessor. Well, as the release of the highly anticipated console reaches nearer, many details of the console have been spreading around. The latest news is about the audio, and it seems to be good from what is being heard.

The audio

With the advanced integration with the Skype’s audio codec, the quality of voice chat is now at an unimaginable level compared with the Xbox 360 whether it is an in game chat or a group chat. If users experience any issues with the Microsoft chat service, one can make use of the Microsoft help and support service to resolve all their issues. The Redmond giant claims that in order to handle audio conversations, dedicated audio processing is made use of. It has a good CPU fan and does a very good job of keeping the console under cool. There is a chance of increase in clock speed but the feasibility will depend on the power characteristics.

The controller

The Xbox one controller

                                    Microsoft support team

Talking about the controller, the Xbox One controller incorporates a new expansion port that increases the data rate between the controller and the console. A huge jump in capturing and rendering speech is possible in the Xbox One compared to the Xbox 360. In addition, the high $449 price tag is justified with the inclusion of the Xbox One-chat headset. The group of highly qualified experts in the Microsoft support team supports the Microsoft chat service.

The Microsoft chat service is one of the best in the market currently available and it can be experienced in the new Xbox One. The Microsoft chat service is a step ahead in comparison to the service in the Xbox 360. However, it should be noted that for the use of voice chat, one would require Xbox live and for the use of in game voice chat and Skype users would need to have an Xbox live gold membership to make use of the services.

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft aims to be the king in the battle of the gaming consoles.