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Features of Microsoft Office 2013

Windows 8 help

MS Office 2013 features

Microsoft unveiled the customer preview version of the Microsoft Office 2013 a few days ago. The latest version is clearly built in Windows 8 in mind as it performs far better in the Windows 8 platform. In addition, the Windows 8 help feature also has been upgraded to assist the users. Here are some of the stunning features of this latest Office version from Microsoft.

Features on Microsoft Office 2013

  • Touch interface enabled: With the market being flooded with touch devices, Microsoft has realized the trend and has enabled touch support for Office 2013.
  • Stylus support: The user can now use a stylus to create content, take notes, and access features. The stylus feature opens up a vista of opportunities for the user, who will be able to do a wide variety of operations with the help of stylus.
  • New applications: Applications tailor-made for Windows 8 such as OneNote and Lync are presented in this version of MS Office.

Office and Cloud computing

  • SkyDrive: MS Office is programmed to save all the documents into SkyDrive by default, so any file on MS Office can be accessed anytime via tablet, PC, or phone.
  • All time access: The moment you sign in to Office, your personalized settings, recently used files and even your custom dictionary will follow you across all devices.
  • Office on Demand: If you are away from your PC and you require accessing MS Office, avail of the subscription and then you can access it anywhere with the help of a Windows PC.
  • Exciting offers: This new version is available as cloud-based subscription service and as such, the users have a wide variety of offers such as Skype world minutes and extra SkyDrive storage space.

Office and social networking  

Windows 8 help

MS Office 2013 features

  • Yammer: It is a secure, private social network for enterprises. It offers a free sign-up and integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Office with Skype: You get a free 60 minutes of Skype world minutes every month with a new subscription of Office. It is also possible to integrate Skype contacts into Lync and call or IM anyone using Skype.
  • The People Card: It displays an integrated view of all your contacts present anywhere in MS Office.

These are some of the standout features of the new Microsoft Office 2013. If you come across any difficulties while using the Office 2013, just refer the Windows 8 help for guidance.