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After Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 operating system, we have started to see it on different platforms. This latest Windows OS is already running on millions of computers around the world. Microsoft has also released the mobile version of the operating system to run on various Smartphones. However, there are various security concerns about this phone operating system from Microsoft.

According to Microsoft support center, these security concerns are irrelevant. It is backed by a robust security system. The mobile operating system from the software giant makes use of the latest encryption techniques for maximum security. With these techniques, users can avoid most of the security threats.

One of the features of this latest Windows OS for phone is the secure boot function. With this feature, the device ensures that no unauthorized programs or applications run on it. With this, the operating system avoids malware attacks and other malicious programs running in the operating system. The data on your Windows device is also protected using the right management feature. This also avoids data leakage from the device. Another feature is that all the data stored in the device is also encrypted. With this, even if the hacker gains access to the data, he would find it impossible to open it or use it.

Let us take you through some of the important security tips, which you may follow so that you could keep your device protected and secured. The first and the most important point is to connect your device only with a protected Wi-Fi network. By this, you can avoid hackers who make use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks to gain access to other devices. When it comes to downloading of applications, make sure that you do it only from the Windows Store. This will also help you to avoid malicious programs from being downloaded to your phone.

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You might have already experienced malicious activities like phishing with emails. Similarly, now we have SMSishing. This technique is similar to email phishing where the fraudster tries to access your information through SMS. It is advised that you avoid messages from unknown numbers.

As most people use their Smartphones to access internet each day, it is important that you take special care while accessing websites. Make sure that you access only the legitimate websites. Turn off pop ups in your device’s internet browser for enhanced security. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a trouble-free browsing using your Windows device.

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Appy Pie Reveals Support For Windows Phone Apps

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If you are not aware, Appy Pie is easily one of the best cloud based DIY (Do It Yourself) mobile app builder or mobile application development software (or to put it simply, an app maker). The greatest thing about this brilliant software is that you need not be a programmer or a developer to create apps for in Appy Pie.

Now, apart from Android and iPhone applications, you can create apps for Windows 8 phone. Yes, Appy Pie has revealed Windows 8 support (Windows phone support). Windows 8 has revolutionized the computer OS world, and now Microsoft is showing its presence even in the smart phone market. There is a tremendous shift in the Windows-based mobiles universe, with the new operating system interface changing quite sensationally for touch-screen optimization on mobile phone devices.

This new operating system very well means another great platform for application development for Appy Pie users. As mentioned earlier, this amazing mobile application builder offers opportunities for users with little or no programming knowledge, to create interesting applications. Now, with the new Windows 8 support, this mobile app creator can easily compete with the best app developing software (if any).

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Before its support for Windows phone apps, Appy pie was already allowing users to create apps for all the major platforms, including Android, iOS etc. So, the next logical step would be to add support for Amazons Kindle (Kindle Fire HD). The Chief Executive Officer at Apple Pie Incorporated, Abhinav Girdhar, mentioned that the company is always looking incorporate more features that could be beneficial to Apple Pie users. This is why the “Mobile App Developer” Company feels that adding support for Kindle Fire HD, is a natural step in the right direction. The Kindle fire market is growing fast and rapidly and the Appy Pie support will help millions of Kindle Fire users to develop and publish mobile apps easily.

Apart from Windows 8 support, Appy pie also added a great feature which enables users to create apps using Apple pie builder to act as Mobile websites. This is a cool feature for users without a mobile website. This feature allows users to configure a redirect code between their mobile website and their desktop computer website.

All this seems exciting, and users cannot wait to start using this software. All they have to do is drag drop app pages and they can create your own mobile app. It’s promising to say the least.

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Microsoft To Release Windows 9 On April 2015

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After the release of the Windows 8 operating system, the next most awaited operating system from Microsoft will be the Windows 9 operating system and according to our sources, the latest Windows OS will be released to the market in April of 2015. Researchers find that the new operating system will greatly help in boosting the growth and sales of Windows operating systems in the internet.

The operating system that was earlier known by its code name as Threshold is designed by keeping the users of Windows 7 operating system. Due to this fact, the operating system will be having more of a desktop environment rather than having a tile based Metro interface. From pour sources in the Windows support center, we were able to know that the operating system will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 7 users too rather than just for Windows 8.x users. Another news that we got from Microsoft support center is that the Redmond based company is all set to release the new update for Windows 8.1 users.

The Windows 8 Update 2 is available free for Windows 8.1 users, however users with earlier versions of Microsoft will have to pay a nominal amount for getting the update. The company has even enabled Windows 7 users to upgrade to the new operating system and for promoting people top upgrade from the five-year-old operating system, the upgrade price is kept low. However if you ask me, I would suggest that you wait till the latest Windows OS appears in the market as it is promised to be a free update for Windows 7 users too.

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We were also able to procure happy news for start menu lovers, the new Windows 9 operating system from Microsoft will have the Start menu reinforced in the user interface. After acknowledging various complaints, they have got from users complaining about the difficulty to navigate to settings menu and control panel tab from Metro user interface, Microsoft decided to make this move. The company also said that they would be releasing the touch versions of the Office site programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint along with the Windows Update 2. The touch first versions would have a working similar to Word on iPad.

However, some say that the touch first Office apps would only be released with the Windows 9 operating system for increasing the desirability of the operating system.

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Fusion 6 Virtual Desktops With Windows 8.1 And Os X Mavericks Support

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VMware has finally released Fusion 6, which is a consumer as well as enterprise version. Fusion 6 in fact is virtualization software, which helps Mac users to use operating systems like Linux and Windows on their systems.

The major benefit enjoyed by Fusion 6 as well as Fusion 6 professional is that they will be offering support for Windows 8.1. As you are aware, Windows 8.1 has been the platform that has been released after a long wait time by computer users. Another highlight of Fusion 6 is that it supports the most brilliant Mac OS Mavericks features. This support offered by Fusion 6 includes the chance to show multiple displays, offering dictation support for apps in Windows platforms.

VMWare has integrated the platform in such a way that you could view both Windows 8 Metro as well as Mac OS X apps next to each other. This will resemble as if they are working on the same platform. Just like Intel has made Haswell processors, VMware Fusion 6 has been powered to perform faster and their battery life is much longer when you use Windows apps on them.

One of the major advantages of VMware Fusion 6 is its ability to run on computers with 16 virtual CPUs, 64GB of memory, 8 Terabyte virtual disks etc. Unlike other virtualization software, Fusion 6 is equipped with more and more features that help them to take control over data as well as users. The virtual machines can be set up temporarily by admins and they can be allowed to expire after the completion of a stipulated period.  These are mainly utilized by employees and contractors working on a temporary basis. They also enjoy the privilege to access apps and virtual machines.

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Even though VMware has released Fusion 6, we may not be able to find many Mac users for it. There are chances of users contacting Windows 8 support for assistance as Windows 8 platform will be part of it.   Customers normally find it difficult to connect Mac with their other platforms and this is really bridged using VMware Fusion. If at any point, customers find it difficult to run Windows 8 apps, they could contact Windows 8 support for assistance.

It is always better to seek for Fusion 6 professional support if you have any queries. Hope you are ready to enjoy the magic of VMware Fusion 6.

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gMusic App- An Advanced Music App For Windows 8 Devices

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The best aspect of using an Android device is that you will get access to millions of useful and advanced apps. One of them is Google Music that enables the users to upload upto 20,000 songs to the cloud and then stream the music to the device with the Play Music app. Until now, Google didn’t provide the same app for Windows 8 devices and this was causing some issues to the Windows users.

Now, according to the Windows 8 support team, a third party app known as gMusic has been launched and this makes the Google’s music service compatible for Windows 8 devices. The Windows 8 users can download the app and open it to login to your Google account. Once the user has been logged in, the screen of the Windows 8 device would get filled with different icons for playlists, artists, albums etc., as in the case of the Android music app. This gMusic app for Windows devices also has an option to access sub-menus by simply tapping any icon and playing tracks. It also allows the users to add the tracks to a queue with a few taps.

Other interesting options in the gMusic app include swiping down from the top of the screen to bring up playback controls as well as shortcuts. The swiping option also allows the Windows 8 users to return to other menus in the app easily. However, according to the Windows 8 support team, the best part of gMusic app is its enhanced search functionality. The users can easily type in the home screen and the app will bring up the search results based on whether the entered query is an artist or album name or even a song title.

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Another option provided by this wonderful Windows 8 compatible app is that it allows the users to snap gMusic into a small window on the side of the device’s screen. Hence, it becomes easier to see the song that is currently playing as well as the different controls to pause, play and skip tracks. The basic gMusic app is available free of cost and there are advertisements included in both the full screen view and snap view. With a minimal fee of 1.99 dollars, you can upgrade to an ad free purchase of the app.

In short, it is clear that the gMusic app is an essential one for the Windows 8 users to enjoy almost the same options available in Google Music.

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