Fix Internet Explorer Crashes In Windows 8

How To Fix Internet Explorer On Windows 8

Internet Explorer Issue

Being the native web browser some versions of Windows, IE is a pretty stable application at most times. Issues with IE 11 are not unheard of, and many a time users are forced to watch helplessly when the program freezes for no reason. This happens even on the newer operating systems like Windows 8, where the browser fails to start at all sometimes. So, here is how to fix Internet Explorer on Windows 8.

  • Clear the cache. This can be done from Settings or using a cleanup tool that you have installed expressly for this purpose. Most people go with CCleaner because it is clean and easy to use.
  • Run the antivirus and see if there are any infections in the computer. If any these could be messing with the files vital for IE to run smoothly. Hit Scan Now and clear all the infections that are discovered. Reboot the computer in case this removed any system files, so that these are replaced. To go further, open IE and move to Tools > Internet options > Security > Reset all Zones to Default level. That might help too.
  • If your problems has a specific pattern where IE crashes, close this and run IE (No Add-ons). The bracketed part explains how this mode works, and maybe you will not encounter the old issue while in it. And if this is the case, then you know it is the add-ons causing the Internet Explorer crash problem, so remove the latter one by one till the crash problem is solved. This could take time, unless you are willing to get rid of all add-ons at once.

    Internet Explorer Crash

    Internet Explorer Crash Troubles

  • Go to Internet Options, move to the Advanced Tab, and select Reset. This will remove temp files stored up by the browser, as well as add-ons, plug-ins, and toolbars. In a nutshell, you would have it back in the factory setting.
  • If you have been using GPU Rendering this whole time, try switching to Software Rendering. See if this takes care of the crash problem for you. You will find the option accessible under Internet Options > Advanced

That was how to fix Internet Explorer on Windows 8. These steps would work in Windows 7 as well, although needing to be modified to access the same options. If all else fails, call a competent tech support team to help you out.

Adding Notepad To The Send To Folder

Microsoft Support Windows 8

Windows 8 Send To

Ever wonder what forms the list of options under the Send to in Windows. You have probably used this countless times to send files to your favorite folder, or a removable drive connected to the PC at the time. Easy as pie, to right click the file you want to send, and then select the destination to copy it to. Without the need for official Microsoft support Windows 8 can be customized so that you the menu elements of choice.

Sometimes, you can access the programs that would process these kinds of files. One example is when you are compressing a file with WinRAR, and you choose the Send to option that says compressed (zipped) folder. This would start up the archiving utility and get it started on the process you just specified. The same way, you can also extract the contents of an already archive files, and place them in a folder of your choice.

Opening with Notepad this way

Notepad is a text file editor that can open a variety of other formats, because many of them have a similar basic makeup as a text file. Consider being able to open one such file in Notepad using the Send to right click menu. For this, you simply need to add the application to the list of items in Send to.

  • Start up Windows Explorer using the Windows + E key combo. Or simply fire it up from the Start Menu by selecting Computer. Remember that in Windows 8, it is called File Explorer and not Windows Explorer.
  • In the address bar, where you see the folder path to the current location, click and type shell:sendto. Hit enter to move to that folder.
  • Open another window of Explorer and in the same way, go to C:\Windows\System32. Now you have to windows open, each at a different folder.
  • In system32, scroll down until you find the exe file.

    Windows Explorer

    Windows 8 Context Menu

  • Right click on this and select Copy. Move to the other window where you have the shell menu folder open. Click on a blank area there and select Paste. This will make a copy of the file in System32 and put it in the shell folder.

The above procedure works, and even without any Microsoft support Windows 8 can be customized this way. The thing to remember is that the original file should stay in System32 folder, which means that you should not move it anywhere. If you do, this could make the Notepad application inaccessible. The file in the shell folder should have shortcut at the end of its name.

Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 8 – A Comparison

Windows 8 requirements

Windows 8 support desk

Windows 8.1 is not just an improved version of Windows 8. It is better to say that Windows 8.1 is what Windows 8 is not. You would see a reversal of many Windows 8 features in Windows 8.1. But you should note that the changes or improvement of these features are meant for the good.

Windows 8 requirements

When heard about Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8.1, many users ask the question whether this new operating system requires any additional system requirements as compared to its predecessor Windows 8. The answer is quite simple. The system requirements for Windows 8.1 are just the same as Windows 8. If your PC meets the Windows 8 requirements, you can install Windows 8.1 as well without causing any serious damages to it.

Windows 8.1 Features

You could refer the Windows 8.1 features as an evolution from Windows 8 features. Most of the Windows 8.1 features are advanced. You will get a better picture about Windows 8.1 features when you look at some of the prominent Windows 8 problems.

When Windows 8 was introduced, many users were shocked because the operating system didn’t have a Start button, a feature that Windows operating system used to have as a pride since the beginning. The absence of the start button not only shocked the users but also caused the failure of the Windows 8 as a modern operating system. Microsoft omitted the Start button in Windows 8 for a reason. The reason was that it wanted to introduce something more modern, the Metro UI. But users couldn’t see any justification for killing the Start button. Microsoft didn’t replace Start button in Windows 8.1. But it allows users to switch to older desktop mode rather easily.

Tips for upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

Windows 8 features

Windows 8 help desk

If you are planning to upgrade your computer from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, you can do that quite easily. Microsoft rolls out the Windows 8.1 update free to users of all the existing Windows 8 versions. You can do the upgrade online or offline. If you have multiple PCs for the upgrade, download and write the upgrade files as an image file to a DVD or USB flash drive.

At present, Windows 8.1 is the only operating system from Microsoft that has got full software and security support. So if you are confused about choosing a Windows OS, let it be Windows 8.1.

Modify Windows 8 To Fit Your Needs

Windows 8 requirements

Windows 8 operating system

Perhaps, Windows 8 may have more critics than fans. The operating system is widely criticized for its inappropriate features. Well, if you have got either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on your PC, wait and see how you can improve the OS to suit your needs. According to Windows 8 experts, there are three different tools that you can use to improve Windows 8 features. The best part is that there are no additional Windows 8 requirements for this.


Many users believe that Windows 8 does not have a direct tool to store the media centre functionality of the machine. Well, if that is what makes you hate the OS in the first place, there is a brilliant tool to complement this, XBMC Live. This unique tool will give you a simple and perfect frontend for all your favorite videos, music, photos or whatever media you love to manage. The most impressive side of XBMC Live is that it can access media files stored in any DLNA-compatible server.

Classic Shell

Windows 8 lacks the start menu. And for many this was not acceptable. In fact, start menu has a significant place in a desktop ecosystem. If you are worried by the absence of Start menu on your Windows 8 PC, there is a simple yet brilliant tool to fill the gap, the Classic Shell. Once the Classic Shell is installed on your Windows 8/8.1 machine, you will have a Start menu just like Windows 7 or Windows XP. You are free to decide what type of Start menu (XP-like or Windows 7-like) you need for Windows 8. Don’t forget to remove Classic IE9 or Classic Explorer before the installation of Classic Shell as they may interrupt the installation.

improve Windows 8 features

Windows 8 features

VLC Media Player for Windows 8

Not happy with Windows as it doesn’t come with DVD playback support? Do not worry. Download and install the VLC media player, the free video playback software, and enjoy video playback on your new machine without any interruption. Latest versions of the VLC media player are compatible with most video formats and codec. So there won’t be any ‘unsupported video format’ error hereafter.

Windows 8 is not behind any former Windows versions in terms of compatibility or features. It appears little strange for the beginners. But once you get used to it, you would just love it. Before installing Windows 8 on your PC, ensure that it meets the Windows 8 requirements.

Must Read Guidelines For Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 Requirements

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistance

Microsoft claims that Windows 8 offers maximum performance with minimum system requirements. The Windows 8 requirements are not quite different from Windows 7 requirements though. If you have a machine that runs Windows 7 without any notable hanging issues, you could probably install and run Windows 8 in it as well.

Many users have reported that they experienced faster performance after they upgraded their OS to Windows 8 from Windows 7 or Windows Vista. However, it is not clear whether Windows 8 can run smoothly on a PC that used to run Windows XP. It is good that you take a look at the requirements for Windows 8 OS before planning to install it on a relatively older PC, for instance one that has been running Windows XP.

Requirements for Windows 8

The following are the hardware requirements that your PC should have in order to be able to run Windows 8 operating system smoothly. Remember that these are the minimum system requirements. If your machine is equipped with higher features, it is better indeed.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) – 1 GB
  • Processor – 1 GHz
  • Free space in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) – 16 GB
  • Graphics Card requirement – DirectX9 Graphics card equipped with WDDM 1.0 or above

If you are not familiar with these aspects, seek the help of someone familiar with that. Alternatively, to check whether your PC has the recommended hardware features on your own, open Start Menu and right-click on the My Computer icon. Choose Properties from the resulting dropdown menu and select the General info tab. In the resulting screen, you can find details about the processor and the RAM.

Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 Upgrade Options

To check whether your HDD has 16 GB of free space, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the C: drive, and choose Properties. This will let you see how much free space you have in the hard drive. Nevertheless, if you wish to install the OS on a different drive, make sure that the same has the recommended amount of free space.

Once you have ensured that your machine meets the aforementioned Windows 8 requirements, you can go ahead with upgrading your PC to Windows 8 operating system. If you are not sure whether you will continue with Windows 8, it is good to install Windows 8 as a dual boot option.

Windows 8 Boasts Over Four Hundred Thousand Applications

Windows 8 Milestone

Windows 8 OS

The market for Personal Computers is deteriorating, but there are positive signs showing that there are more passengers running Windows 8, the latest Windows OS. The company has sold millions of Windows 8 editions so far. At the same time, the Windows Store has hit over four hundred thousand apps. This sure is a Windows 8 milestone.

The main problem is in the PC sector where things are not doing too well as far as the company would have speculated. The number of PCs shipped, actually does not necessarily mean sold. Fact is that, there may be many of them that could still be in store shelves and the warehouses. Windows 8, allows, for the first time, the Redmond based software giant to directly see the number of activations online, and the company says those numbers have seen some significant growth, and that the overall rate, though not as good as it was for Windows 7, but can be compared with some of the past Windows releases.

Like all new platforms, Windows 8 is no different, it derives its power from the applications and the Windows Store is showing awesome and steady growth with over hundred thousand applications and increasing at a constant rate. Customers and Windows 8 users have performed millions of downloads by now. While the numbers are moving in the right direction for the software giant, they are still the far behind the rival iOS with over a million apps and billions of downloads. Then again, reaching four thousand applications is a Windows 8 milestone, in no way a mean task.

Still, the world’s leading software maker has some of the most high profile social networking and cloud computing applications such as Twitter, Dropbox and many others. The company definitely thinks some of the high profile “gets” have managed to lure some users to Windows 8.

Latest Windows OS

Windows 8 Support

The software maker believes the tablet experience, and the Windows 8.1 update sure has changed things to a great extent. Windows 8.1 has corrected some of the glaring problems with Windows 8. Some features that were omitted in Windows 8 have been restored in Windows 8.1. Moreover, the users can now go to the desktop mode directly, rather than going through some of the Modern UI confusions.

Windows 8, may not have been the best thing that happened to the software company, but it sure has succeeded in unifying Windows in the three sectors such as PCs, mobiles and tablets.

Changing Screen Resolution In Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 Milestone

Windows 8 OS

It is always very easy to change the screen resolution in traditional Windows operating systems, but if you are using the Windows 8 operating system, changing the resolution can prove to be a difficult task. This article discusses the different steps that you can adopt to change the screen resolution in the Windows 8 operating system.

Right Click Method

  • Turn on your computer and then log into your account.
  • Right click on desktop and then select Properties from the options list.
  • Select the Settings tab and then you can slide the bar that is named Screen resolution. Move the slider left if you need to decrease the resolution, or you may move it right to increase the resolution.
  • After making the changes, you can click on the Apply button and then on the OK button to save the changes.

Control Panel Method

  • Go to Start menu by clicking on the Start button that is located on the taskbar.
  • From the Start options, choose Control Panel and then select Appearance and Themes
  • Now you can open the Display window. This can be done by clicking on the Display
  • Now you can go to the third step of the right click method and then follow on from there.

These are the most common methods to change the display resolution in the Windows 8 operating system and you can understand that the steps are much simple. You should also look for the following changes while trying to change the resolution in the Windows 8 operating system.

  • You may be asked if you need to keep the new resolution. You can either revert to the previous settings or may accept the new one.
  • You may be asked to restart the computer for the resolution changes to take effect.
  • The Windows 8 computer may automatically restart after you change the resolution.
Windows 8 Computer

Display Resolution In Windows 8

We all know that the Windows 8 operating system was not much liked by the users due to the changes that were brought about with the OS. For this reason, Microsoft was not able to achieve the Windows 8 milestone. To know more about the Windows 8 milestone, you can contact the Windows help desk.

Before changing the display resolution, you will need to understand that the changes that you make to the resolution may cause the desktop to look very different. Depending on the size of the text, it can be much hard for you to read the same.

Stopping Auto-Load Programs Feature In Windows 8

Windows 8 Milestone

Speeding Up Windows 8

Windows operating system boot time is much slower than its rivals, the iOS and Linux operating systems. Part of the reason behind the slow boot time is that Microsoft Windows runs too many programs upon boot. While some of these programs may start up during Booting period, they soon die later. However, there are few programs that do remain in the Boot log process way after you have closed the program.

A new Windows 8 milestone was created when the operating system got released due to its surprisingly low booting time required. Upon purchase, you will notice that the system boots up within few minutes and generally performs up to your expectations. However, over time, you will notice the boot time has increased, especially once you install several applications in your computer. Hence, you will have to resort to trimming down your autoloaders in an effort to speed up the computer and restrict it from slowing down. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Right-click the Windows 8 taskbar and then select the Task Manager.
  • When the Task Manager shows, click on the Startup tab. If you have opened this setting in previous versions of Windows available by opening the MSconfig setup, you will note that the present version does not display much information. However, the available information is understandable at a glance.
  • The last column is of primal importance because it displays how long a particular program will prolong the boot up duration. If the impact is listed as High, the application will take more than 1 sec of the CPU time, slowing down the process further. Similarly, Medium uses up 300 to 1000 ms of CPU time and low impact programs will take lower than that.

    Microsoft Windows

    Screening Windows Startup Programs

  • This option gives you a major clue on the programs that should be disabled and how disabling a particular program will contribute to the boot-up speed of the computer.
  • Once you have decided which computers need to be disabled, right-click on them and select Disable.

Once you have made these changes, you will notice a definite change in the Bootup speed of your computer. Although it may not reach up to the Windows 8 milestone speed, significant improvement can be noticed the moment you restart your Microsoft Windows PC.

The performance of your computer needs to be monitored from time to time so you can keep a good count of how well your computer is performing and how to improve it further.

The Pricing Of Windows 10

Microsoft New Operating System

Operating System Pricing

Microsoft’s next big step this year is to put a tag on Windows 10, which we can all imagine, isn’t going to be an easy task. But with the company event scheduled for next week, the decision might already have been made. Spokespersons have said that the occasion might see big players in the company expounding on and essentially showing off the Microsoft new operating system. Besides that, they’ll also be speaking about where they plan for Windows to be headed. You can count on hearing a lot of “cloud-first, mobile first”.

COO Kevin Turner announced in December that business model plans would be unveiled near the start of the year. There’s one part of this that people would want to hear – about how the company will keep making the same kind of money after handing over licenses to tablet and smartphone makers, something it’s never done on such a decisive level. Turner said they’d come up on some “creative ways” to monetize in the upcoming scenario, but we’ll only know more in detail once the event is over.

Windows 10 Operating System

Windows Operating System

As far as the upgrade pricing is concerned, users may have to wait longer than the reaming week. This is an important question for the PC industry this year, because it will in large part decide the fate of PC sales globally. We need to see if the tech giant can set a large price and still have a significant share of computer users come in to buy. The way they fared with Windows 8 isn’t easily forgotten, and the last thing the company needs is to unite users against the Microsoft new operating system.

Let’s review how the software mogul has been charging for its wares over the past year. First, they gave away Windows licenses to OEMs, and for free. This was supposed to go into the making of devices with screens under 9 inches. And then they released Windows 8.1 with Bing, specifically for PCs. This was another product that cost close to nothing, and is the OS powering some of the most affordable notebooks released in the market. One of these is the HP’s Stream, which has been giving stiff competition to the similarly capable Chrome OS laptops.

The Windows 10 operating system might be something new, which doesn’t even fit into the line of Windows products we’ve seen so far. But if Microsoft sets too high a price, they’ll probably get reactions they weren’t hoping for.

Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 Market Share Start To Decline

Latest Windows OS

Windows 7 OS Versions

If you paid any attention to the desktop OS market share figures in the last few months, you might have noticed that the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems gained a few points at Windows XP’s expense. This has to do with the simple fact that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are the latest Windows OS versions available to the XP users looking to make the upgrade. However, the recent figures show that even this small increase in the market share is now reversing.

Windows 7 gains market share

In fact, there was a point when the combined market share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 even overtook the market share enjoyed by XP. This clearly indicated that the XP users are finally abandoning their favourite OS and moving on to the new Windows OS versions available. However, this trend appears to be a temporary one. According to the latest desktop OS market share figures, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1’s shares are declining and Windows 7 seems to be gaining even more market share.

Already above the 50% mark, Windows 7’s market share is now retaining around 55%. The market share for Windows 7 was only 47.3% back in February 2014. Now, it has risen to 56.2%. Clearly, big chunks of these users come from Windows XP, which went from 29.5% to 18.2% during the same period. These statistics are from the officially released NetApplications market survey data.

Windows 10 OS

Windows 7 Mainstream Support

Microsoft is very keen on getting these Windows XP users to upgrade to the latest Windows OS versions like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Perhaps, this is why they discontinued the supply of some of the Windows 7 versions to their OEM partner in October 2014. It was becoming clear to Microsoft that most XP users would upgrade to Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

So, they discontinued the supply of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and the Ultimate editions to their OEM platforms. It is no longer possible to buy new systems that come with pre-installed Windows 7 versions with any of the OS editions mentioned above. However, the Windows 7 Professional edition is still available. But, this version is more expensive than the standard versions mentioned above. The supply of retail disc versions of all Windows 7 editions was discontinued long time ago.

Also, the Windows 7 Mainstream support is set to expire on Jan 13, a deadline just around the corner. Perhaps, when released, the Windows 10 OS will finally change this trend.