Finally, Windows 10 Preview Slated For Late October

Microsoft New Operating System

             Windows 10 By Microsoft

Hardcore Windows fans will finally get a preview of the Microsoft new operating system, as Microsoft is aiming to make a “technology preview” of Windows 10 for anyone who is interested. There have been many unconfirmed rumors about this operating system, and we will finally come to know which ones are true when the preview version is out.

As can be seen, it appears that Microsoft is trying to popularize the new operating system and with good reason. The Windows 8 operating system can be considered as a failure, since the operating system sales count has continually deprecated despite innumerous releases from Microsoft. Although the operating system is marginally popular for mobile and tablet devices, Microsoft has been very slow in entering this market, already taken over by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating system.

The very fact that three-years-old Windows 7 operating system is selling in higher numbers than the new and more advanced Windows 8 operating system itself is an indicator of how bad the operating system has performed. Moreover, various updates released by Microsoft caused bugs and errors for several different users, and even prompted Microsoft to recall multiple updates in order to set them right. In order to bring back the image of the IT giant to its full glory, Microsoft is aiming to release the next operating system, Windows 10, aka Threshold as soon as possible.

The “technology preview” of the Microsoft new operating system will be available for any interested individuals, provided they agree to install subsequent monthly updates that will be sent to them automatically. It seems that this move is an indicator that Microsoft is heading out on the “serviceability” front, since this move has been made compulsory for all who wish to download the preview operating system.

Cortana Integration

   Microsoft Threshold Finally Up For Preview

Among the features that can almost be confirmed due to the reliability of the sources, are the “mini” Start Menu that makes a comeback, albeit with a completely different interface. The ridiculous “Charms” bar in Windows 8 operating system will be completely done with and all Window Metro-style applications will run on the desktop window unlike Windows 8.

Some of the key features that has got Windows users buzzed and waiting anxiously for the release are the Windows native virtual desktop feature and Cortana integration with the new operating system. Until date, Microsoft has refused to divulge any secrets about Windows 10, but it seems that we will soon find out without further delay.

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Different Stages Of Windows 8 Development

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                                Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 is one of the futuristic operating systems from Microsoft. We have never seen an operating system from Microsoft with dual interface. There are hundreds of new enhancements in Windows 8, which gives a refreshing operating system experience to the users. The operating system was released in 2012.

The development of Windows 8 had begun soon after the release of Windows 7 in 2009. Each stage was called a Windows 8 milestone. Different milestones were covered during the development stages. So, what were the different stages of development? In this post, we will take you through the different stages of development in detail.

The first milestone

According to the reports, the first milestone was reached when the prototype of the operating system was ready in 2010. The prototype was given only to the internal testers during this stage and high level of secrecy was maintained.

M2 Beta 1

This beta version was ready by September 2010. The different builds in this version were 7955 and 7959. Beta version is simply a working model. Most of the beta versions will have numerous bugs and therefore, not released to the public for testing.


This Windows 8 milestone was achieved in July 2011. The operating system at this point had most of the features incorporated in it. The operating system was still not made public to the users.

Developer preview

This pre-beta version was released in September 2011.

Consumer preview

The consumer preview, which can be called as the real beta, was released on February 29th 2012.

Enterprise preview

This release candidate came out in June 2012. Only those features seen on this version would be available with the final release and no significant changes will be made to the operating system.


This was the final version, which was made available to the manufacturers. It was on August 2012.

General Availability

Windows 8 Milestone

                           Features Of Windows 8

Public could purchase Windows 8 operating system by October 2012.

Windows 8.1

After receiving numerous complaints about the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft released an update for the operating system, called Windows 8.1. Even though it was released as a separate operating system, many experts consider it an update to Windows 8.

We hope that you have understood the different stages of Windows 8 development. For further information on Windows 8 operating system, you may contact Windows support center or contact our technical support team.

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Adieus To Windows 8, Hello Windows 10

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                  Windows 8 Details

Admit it, Windows 8 was horrible! The user interface was designed to be futuristic, but came out shoddy, partly due to the mistakes of the designers who decided to abandon the usual keyboard-and-mouse users altogether! Users were confused by the interface, finding nothing in common with the usual Windows OS and struggled to get any work done.

Many things went wrong in Windows 8. Microsoft had planned to release this operating system in powerful systems with touch screen support. Unfortunately, none of the OEMs followed suit. The Windows Metro-style Start screen, the key attraction in Windows 8 OS, became an absolute nightmare when operated with mouse.

Although Microsoft tried to appease its users by bringing in lot of changes over the time, the damage was already done. It became certain that this operating system would fade away to obscurity once Windows XP was stopped and users still chose not to upgrade to the latest Windows 8 operating system.

If you are used to Windows 8 operating system and do not feel the need to change, you can continue until 2023, the year in which Windows 8 support will end. However, if you have had enough and wish to migrate, do not downgrade to the Windows 7 operating system.


            Windows 10 Pricing

Windows 10, often referred to as operation Threshold, is just around the corner. This new version, even though not yet officially released, already boasts many features that are unique to this operating system. The best part about this OS is that it will look into the hardware specifications of the device and install accordingly. This means, Windows 10 will excel in both Desktop and Mobile capability.

At present, Microsoft is keeping mum about the specifications of Windows 10 and most of the information is coming from outside sources. There are rumors that Windows 10 will be free for Windows 8 users and will be available at a significantly lower cost when compared to other operating systems. However, until the operating system is out in the open, nothing can be certain.

If you are thinking about upgrading your system, it would be advisable to look into the features of Windows 10 before you make any hasty decisions. Also, the pricing factor will be another major factor which most users will check. Even if most of the rumors are not true, Windows 8 users are keeping their fingers crossed hoping further updates and patches will make it a better operating system.Contact our Windows 8 support desk for assistance on the upcoming updates and patch releases.

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China Working On Home-Grown, Threat To Windows And Android

Latest Windows OS

Windows Operating System

Can you imagine a world without Windows and Android? Certainly, it would seem like a world without computers and smartphones because the world of computers and smartphones are dominated by Windows and Android respectively. Although there are alternatives to Windows and Android, the number of users for these operating systems is relatively smaller.

Well, China is all set to make a change. According to a recent report published by China’s official news agency Xinhua, China is working on home-grown operating system. If everything goes as per the plans, the home-grown OS would be out by the end of coming October. Software giants like Microsoft and Google are observing the new developments in Chinese tech world with shock.

Is IT a major reason for tension between China and US?

Experts believe that China’s decision to sponsor the home-grown operating system is the culmination of the country’s years’ old tension between US. China believes that both Google and Microsoft are under the control of the US Federal government and the operating systems developed by them are used for leaking diplomatic data from rival countries.

China’s suspicion about the reliability of Windows and Google grew when last year the whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed that the US government was leaking diplomatic data of countries like Brazil, Germany, Russia and China with the help of Microsoft and Google. China, the largest and most powerful country in Asia, does not want US to monitor any of its information.

China bans Microsoft new operating system

A few months ago, the Chinese government had banned the use of Windows 8 operating system in all its government offices. China didn’t specify any clear reason for banning Microsoft new operating system. Nevertheless, it is clear from the reports that China is worried about the reliability of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Moreover, the country was annoyed by Microsoft’s decision to lift the support for Windows XP operating system. Even after the launch of Windows 8.1, more than 90 percent of the government offices in China were using Windows XP.

China annoyed by the popularity of Android

Windows 8 installation

New Microsoft OS

Although China hasn’t banned Android in the country, it is not happy with its popularity. Report has it that China is discriminating against popular mobile manufacturers in the country such as Xiomi and Huawei, who make Android smartphones.

The world is waiting eagerly to hear more about the home-grown Chinese operating system. If it becomes successful in the country, there is no doubt that it will pose the greatest threat to Google and Windows.

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100 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold

Windows 8 Milestone

                  Windows 8 OS

The computer market is driving off a cliff, but at least now, more passengers are running the Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft claims that they have sold 100 million licenses for the Windows 8 operating system so far, up from just sixty million in January. At the same time, Windows store has hit the Windows 8 milestone of 60,000 apps. As for the number of licenses that represent computers that are actually being used, it will be much difficult to say. The number of hundred million includes PC sales as well as upgrades. However, majority of the 40 million licenses that were sold since January are the new computers, says Tami Reller, who is the vice president of Microsoft Windows marketing.

“Upgrade season was pretty much over in January once all the offers expired,” Reller told Mashable. “So pretty much all of the growth from 60 to 100 [million] is new PCs.” However these are the computers that were shipped, not necessarily sold and many of them could still be in store shelves and warehouses. Windows 8 operating system, for the first time, allows Microsoft to directly track activations online. Reller says that these numbers have seen a steady increase and that the overall rate is much similar to the previous Windows 8 releases.

A new operating system like the Windows 8 is only as powerful as the apps that the OS can offer. The reports say that the Windows Store is seeing steady growth as well, up to 60,000 apps from just 40,000 in the month of January. The users have also done more than 250 million downloads as well from the Windows Store.

Free Update Recipients

     Windows 8 Milestones

While these numbers are moving in the proper direction for Microsoft, they are still on the minor leagues when compared to iOS’s 800,000 apps and about 50 billion downloads. “We would like one,” says Reller. “The welcome mat is there for them, and we continue to have conversations.” Reller says that many of the developers are now focused on tablets and she is very optimistic that the upcoming Windows Blue update could give Windows 8 OS the necessary push that it needs to compete with the rivals like iPad mini.

If you would like to know more on this Windows 8 milestone, you can contact the Windows help and support team. They will be able to give you more updates on the news.

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